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Princeten Ganesharatnam known has Prince10/ Prince of Beats or just simply Prince. The founder and CEO of Prince-Digital, a gifted Musician, Producer, production. Prince is a specialist of all music genre from Indian music, Hindi music, Bhangra, Hip Hop & R&B and Funk,Ballad ,Pop,Dance,Techno,Fusion Music. Princeten also works with company making Bollywood film sound tracks currently working with Deepam TV in the UK. Prince-Digital is an independent music company specializing recording and production. Prince-Digital has many links in Europe from Germany, Sweden, UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, France, Canada and soon in US and Africa. In the UK Prince-Digital has established a big fan base working with EMI artist Mr.Skillz and his Crazy Girls along with a lot of Nigerian,Indian Acts. Prince-Digital has a subsidiary company in the UK called Courageous Sounds.

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