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Born in Colombo (SL) , KENNY S began studying classical piano at age 9. At 12 he entered the "Zehlendorfer" School of Music in Berlin for 8 years of study and began working with bands all over Germany. After that he began studying the Tabla from his Guru " S.Rajkumar" from Hamburg. He spent another 3 years with "Drumlessons" at the same Music School. The next few years brought new challenges to KENNY S with study "Karnatik" (Eastern Music) at "Annamalai University in India. After the study he also did a album for a famous hindustani singer "Shilpi Shrivastava" from Jayapur/India. KENNY S worked with a multitude of gifted artists like MC Cram. He joined many artists and spent a year and a half at the studios, recording and contributing bands. Then he joined "Explosion" (famous band in Pondicherry/India). For 1 year he played for "Rockets" (Rockband in Pondicherry/India) Keyboard as well. With all this experience under his belt KENNY S naturally progressed to leading his own band "VENUS". He continues to record and play under his own name and has recently started his own record label, "VMP". He also co-leads the music studio "Deep" in Potsdam near Berlin.

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UPCOMING TRACKS: Song: Shake ya... (English)

Sung by: Blackair ft. Jimmy Singh & Irma

Music by: Kenny S

Lyrics by: Blackair & Irma

Label: VMP Germany

Song: ... (German)

Sung by: Rubesh Samuel

Music by: Kenny S

Lyrics by: Rubesh S.

Label: VMP Germany

Song: Nenje Nee (Tamil)

Sung by: Steve Cliff ft. Queen K

Music by: Kenny S

Lyrics by: Kaviyazhan (Adaxial UK)

Label: VMP Germany

Song: Trailer Song (Tamil)

Sung by: Kenny S ft. Mary G. Roshani

Music by: Kenny S

Lyrics by: Mary G.

Label: Olyyn Media Prod. (TYC)

Song: Kadhal Tharum

Sung by: Revolutionz ft. Kenny S

Lyrics & Music by: Thor N.

Label: Revolutionz

and more...


1. Kangalai Moodikondu - Kenny S

2. Annai Madi - Kenny S

3. Etho Enthan Manathil - Queen K ft. Kenny S

4. Chinna Chinna - Queen K ft. Kenny S

5. Iravu Muzhuvathum - Shilpi Shrivastava

6. Mazhaiya Ithuva - Queen K ft. Kenny S

7. Annai Than Anbin - Shilpi Shrivastava ft. Sudarsanakumar

8. Aval Thana - Kenny S

9. Kannatthil Mutthamitaal - Queen K ft. Kenny S

10. Iraiva Vaanam - Queen K

11. Cry Within - Elisha Sundar ft. John Lalithas

12. Em Dhesam - Kenny S

13. My Dream - Mary G. Roshani

14. Lovestory 1962 - Queen K ft. Kenny S

15. Uyir Poove - Praveena ft. Janaa

16. Kadhalai Unarnthu - Diluckshan Djey Bro

17. Naanum Neeyum - Mary Roshani G. ft. Kenny S

18. iTZ MA STAR - Archana ft. Kenny S

19. 14th February - Yvonne A. Mariathas

20. Maruthani - Praveena ft. Kenny S

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