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G-Style was born on September 22nd in Jaffna, Sri Lanka and moved to Germany. At the age of 6 his parents sent him to a german music school to learn how to play the flute and to get the basic knowledge of western music. 2 years later he started to take lessons in guitar (E-Guitar & Classic Guitar) and began to sing church worship songs. G-Style's first stage performance at a music programme was at the age of 8. When he went to the High School (Gymnasium) he started to take lessons in saxophone to play in a Big Band and in an Orchestra (Also he took part as a singer in several school musicals). 1999 he took part at Jugend musiziert (a german music competition) and won the first prize. After his A-Levels he started to play Sitar and Indian Flute. Before 2008 he only performed at christian church programmes (International) as a musician and as a singer. In 2008 he met Kadhalviruz who advised him to record some tracks and to put them on the web.

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